You Don't Know Bertha Constantine

against society, norms, nature, and the cops...for love

Major Donors

Bertha is recognized as a 501(c) "Non-Profit Project"

  • As Bertha is recognized as a 501 (c) "Non-Profit Project" many donors are willing to give even more than we expected. 

As such, we would like to list a few of our most dedicated followers here. 

We can never say enough about our donors.  

You make 'Bertha' possible.

We will be updating this list as more donors join our dream.


Executive Producers:

Ron Leiserowitz

Nila Leiserowitz

Co-Executive Producers

Jan & Duke Ostendorf


 Adam Johnson

Charles Burke III & BankWest Inc.*

Leamond A. Allen

Pierre Booster Club

Paula Weeldreyer

Scott & Julie Jones, The Oahe Fund

Monty Bechtold

Charlotte Fischer & Bonnie Sivage

Sandy Durick & husband

Karen Pearson

Gail & Rick Gray

Bob & Patty Clark

Sue Burgard

Charles Shroyer

Nancy Shoupe

Matt Sutton

Linda Sandness

Stan Eitrem

Lorraine Kightlinger

Kim Kightlinger

Lon Kightlinger

Patty Weeldreyer

Linda Marchand

Dawn & Paul Marso

Faye Kightlinger

Keycode Media

Linda Gray

Rick and Barb Newman

Stuart Fromm

Cody Nicholas

Robbie and Julie Heegel

Bobby George

Aubree Smith

Zachary Vogt

Paul Kittelson

Wade Gemar

Lucas Desjardins

Walt and Pat Miller

Rachel Mohr

Keren & Elton Jorde

Kyra Berkness

Tim & Barb Bjorneberg

Van Quanbeck

Vijay Boodhoo

Jerry Velona

Jim & Kara Mathis


Roy Swanson

Volker Schramm

Bill Gengler

Jacinta Sutphin

Chris Markley

Kyle Rodgers

JoAnn Gemar

Lindsay Rounds

Nathan Jastram

Darren Millstone

Aubree Stofferahn and Alisha Hunt

Mike Billeter

Jared Lindbloom

Lisa Bilow

Matt Hanson

Kelsey Collier-Wise

Andy Vander Linden

Ivan Fuller

Clarissa Thompson

Jan Enright

Sheilah Stoneback

Sarah Larson

Brooke Bjorneberg

Nicholas McInerney


Scott Hale

Nanette Saunders

Graham Schuetzle

Beth Hahn

Amy Manley

BryAnn Becker

Ellie Kunkel

Nancy & Jon Gonsor

Alice Safe

Megan Linn-Bertsch

Joel & Kelly Metz

Andrew Bleignier

Peggy Kapusta

Justin White

Lindsey Jungwirth

Maurice Hicks


Meagan Cignoli



Bill Linsman

Lori Jane Coleman

Hyrma Zakahi

Dick Petersen & Roy Swanson

The State Theater Company

Tony Mangan & KCCR

BU Faculty

Becky Blue

Boston University

Dick Petersen

The Capitol Journal

Black Forrest Inn (Isaac & Cindy)

Townhouse Inn

Badlands National Park

Custer State Park

South Dakota Agricultural Center

Dorina Daniels

Angelique Midthunder

Parker Knox

The Post SD

Tom Bennett

Laurie Gill

Dawn Gardner

Bonnie Jamison

Patty Lihs

Linn Productions

Crow Ridge Productions

Jim Haskell

Dave & Carol Berg

Terry Kjierkegaard

Perry Grton

Beth Jensen

KELO Land News



Debbie Stockade Lake Lunch Lady

Game, Fish, & Parks

Jaden Hatfield

Einstein Prop Shop

The City of Wall, SD

South Dakota Office of Tourism

Katlyn Richter

Malcolm Chapman

Frontier Cabins

Stanley County Sherrifs Department

Logo or no Logo, we love our Donors.

Matt Sutton

Pierre Booster Club

Adam Johnson

Paula Wheeldreyer

The Wailin' Jennys

Kim Kightlinger

Ashley and Mark Bonnema

Connie & Jerome Jacobs

Nancy Shoupe

Sue Burgard

Linda Sandness

Stan Eitrem

Jenny Hallenbeck

Gotham Manooj Collias

Patty Wheeldreyer

Paula Wheeldreyer

Chris Markley

AJ and Liz Franken

Kyra Berkness

Sarah Oetken

Derrik Veurink

Bob and Pat Clark

Hyrma Zakahi

Bonnie Sivage and Charlotte

Dick Peterson

Karen Pearson

Gale and Rick Gray

Jon Gober

Daniel Messerschmidt

Bob and Patty Clark

Scott Jones

Monty Bechtold

Long Kightlinger and Griffin

Mary Kirk

Bill and Liz Markley

Julie and Bernie Linn

Linda Sandness 

Linda Arendt

Lisa, Todd, and  Graham Schuetzle

Deb Bumann and  Elizabeth Bumann

Dawn and Paul Marso

Fred and Julie Waxler

Pam Kean

Joan and James Likness

Cody Nicholas

Julie Ellingson

Judith Sides

Kenneth and Mavis Dugan

Roger and Linda Sandness

Erma Fiedler Mikkelsen

Wayne and Coleen Winter

LaJean Volmer

Wayne and Elaine Bouzek

Doneen Hollingsworth

Elizabeth Porter

William and Linda Marchand

Doug and Beverly Searls

Malcolm and Mary Chapman

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