"Most Original New Screenplay": Newport International Film Festival and  

"Winner, Short Screenplay": Honolulu International Film Festival.

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Andrew Kightlinger
Adam Emerson

You Don't Know Bertha Constantine

against society, norms, nature, and the cops...for love

Meet Bertha

No need to feel lost anymore.

We know why you're here.

You, just like many other people these days, have been asking yourself that simple little question: "What would it be like to drag a dead body, wrapped in a sleeping bag, across one of the most beautiful places on earth?"

Well, we intend to reward your curiosity.

You Don't Know Bertha Constantine

is an Independent short film about the beauty of true love and the outrageous things it will cause us to do. 'You Don't Know Bertha Constantine' is written, directed, and produced by Andrew Kightlinger and set in the ruggedly beautiful landscape of the badlands, South Dakota. Production is set for June 2010.

Film Synopsis:

BERTHA and LARRY CONSTANTINE are poised to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary when Larry suddenly dies of a heart attack during their passionate lovemaking. 

In a state of grief, Bertha decides to honor her husband’s wish to be buried in the South Dakota’s Badlands.Bertha wraps Larry’s body into a sleeping bag and drags his body on a plastic sled across the jagged terrain.

With her ex-lover SHERIFF HIGH BEAR and rookie cop TIDBALL hot on her trail, Bertha must kick into high gear in hopes of reaching the burial site before facing arrest and her husband ends up six feet under in an oak coffin.

Will Bertha fulfill her dead husband’s wishes and find the closure she seeks? Will High Bear manage to separate his duty as a law enforcer and his fondness for Bertha? Will Larry’s body keep in the sweltering summer heat? All the answers are to come in: You Don’t Know Bertha Constantinea stirring and unusual exploration of the grieving process and the actions one must take to satisfy the soul.

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